Friday, October 29, 2010

M2 Playlist

A lot of friends have been asking me for the playlist I created for a spin class at M2 Revolution for the past few weeks, so I figured I'd put it up here for everyone to buy if they want. The whole list is around 2 hours now, so great for a run or class.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Crazy week in Kona!

Unfortunately I'm back mainland again after an amazing week in Kona with the whole family cheering my Dad at the IM World Championships. It was a great trip, thanks Mom and Dad, and it is just adding to my inspiration to race there someday.

Here are some highlights for everyone as writting in detail might take too long.

Volcano! The kids were really excited to get out to the volcano on the Big Island. It was a fun day trip out of Kona and we found the "Southernmost Bakery in the USA", Punalu'u, and it was GOOD! The volcano was fun too, but half the rim was closed because the wind was blowing the toxic gasses too close. Lava tubes, Pele Hair, and the gas vents all entertained the kids for hours so it was a great trip!

Swimming at Dig-Me Beach. This is one of the major highlights for everyone next to the Underpant Run. The Espresso Bar out on the water, pro's blazing through the water, being able to see in the water (Aquatic Park is mud in comparison), swimming with sea turtles, and so much more!

Underpants Run! Besides the excitement of meeting Michellie Jones, very cool in person, I'll just lets some pictures tell the story. Just so everyone knows, I work for the company that makes most of the Hello Kitty stuff you see.

Running some Pro's. I got to hang out with my buddy Lewis Elliot and another pro Matt Lieto for a swim and run. Was happy to hold pace with them while being able to hold a conversation too!

Race Day! Up with Dad really early and onto our bus with Endurance Sports Travel, thank Ken! I was Dad's sherpa all week and we got him safely to transition and all checked in and Lewis and I were really excited for the day as we sent him off to the swim start. This was a long day, but well worth it. Running around from "Hot Corner", fun at the pool with the nieces and nephews, seeing Dad come blazing back on the bike, chasing him around the island on the marathon riding my bike. I probably did an decent backwards duathlon! Riding my bike out on the Queen K after dark gave me new respect for all the people who have to grind out Ironman. Its pitch black out there and lonely. In a normal Ironman there would be more of a scene out there with varying ages and abilities, but for the most part people were on their own besided the kick-ass aid stations the locals set up. I cheered on who I could as I rode up and down the Queen K monitoring my Dad's progress and once he entered the Energy Lab it was time to head back.

These were probably the best Ironman shirts made:

Waiting for Dad's return was a very anxious time. He had to bail on the marathon as Switzerland, but hew was doing a better job this go around of managing effort. Abby, or Scottsdale friend, went out on course to run a little with him on his way in and gave us a well needed heads up on his return. We cheered him on going through "Hot Corner" one last time, and then ran off to the finish line. If anyone has a chance to see this spectable after dark they should take it. Marinda Carfrae made an appearance to cheer on the late finishers which is amazing. The announcers, music, swag flying, and spectators screaming, created an atmosphere that you could see pulled runners home. I saw Dad coming down the shoot and got my spot. Here's a video of the finish. Every time I see it I feel so proud of my Dad and continue to gain excitement for my next race.

Thanks to the whole family who made this a great trip. I don't get to see everyone that much and it was a great family reunion of sorts to cheer Dad on.