Sunday, January 30, 2011

Epic day in the rain! Self imposed Half Iron workout

Saturday was a day of "fun" that has left me worked!  After being inspired by another blog I read this week, I decided it was a good idea to change up a few things and see where I was in my training.  A full day of swim bike run was in my future, and I was pretty excited to get it done.

The workout consisted of all the Half Iron distances, but broken up with a bit of a break, so its not like a full race.  Swim at Koret, bike to the lagoon between Stinson and Bolinas, then 13 miles around SF.  When I planned this it was 60 and sunny in SF with decent weather projected for the weekend.  Man do our weather people suck!

Woke up, coffee, banana, muffin, news, all the normal Saturday, pre-workout stuff and off to the pool with Dan.  We were going to swim for 30 minutes since we were on a little crunch for time with our other buddy Tim meeting us for the ride.  Broke out the swim into 4 x 400 meters, not quite the 1.2, but acceptable since I just swam the night before and pushed it a bit.  Got it all in just under the 20 minutes along with some fun with my new camera.

Dan sporting the new SF Tri cap

Think I probably need some help?

Out of the pool, feeling good and need to fuel up for the ride.  Two weeks ago we did a similar ride after swimming and I couldn't see straight afterwards from bonking, so banana and Gu were in order to cram in some calories, along with bringing two bars and a mini can of Coke for emergencies.

Tim shows up and were ready to rock!  The sun was shining, so we were hopeful for it to hold up.  On the road, through the Presidio and across GG Bridge we roll through Mill Valley and to Four Corners on our way to Pantoll on Mt. Tam.  The fog is rolling in and wheels are not holding very well, so the amazing downhills are becoming treacherous, and the hands are taking a beating from braking and pressure.

Cruising through Stinson Beach, freezing from riding through mist on our way down Tam we stop off at theStinson Beach Market for some coffee and tri-munchies. 

Cliff Mojo and coffee hit the spot today.
The younger, hung over crowd opted for some Odwalla.

Time for some speed, racing along Bolinas Lagoon!  This is my favorite spot of the ride as its flat, fast and meandering turns to keep it interesting.  Nothing like ripping along the road at 25 mph in aero, dragging my friends along in my draft.  Probably was a bit overanxious, because we turned around and Dan jumped on the gas for the way back and I could get on his wheel and was forced to push to keep the gap the whole way back.

The rest of the ride was us battling the oncoming storm, soaking and hauling back up over the hill on Hwy 1 to the city.  Making good time though, and the legs were responding to the final climbs.  Bike: 3:21:53
Couldn't see across the bay the mist was so bad.
55 Miles, but a ton of climbing.
Total gain of 5647 ft, much more than planned thanks to Dan's late course change.

Once back to the house I left a trail of drenched clothes as I changed and stood in front of my heater for a few minutes to heat up.  Fueling up with some cherries, a banana and cashews, time to put my feet up for 20 minutes and get ready for the run.

The rain stopped, and it was just overcast, so great improvements to my motivation and I'm out the door cruising at 7-7:30 pace.  Down through the Presidio again, to Hoppers hands at Fort Point and then towards the city along Crissy Fields and Marina Green.  These are amazing spots to get to train, and if you ever visit SF I recommend cruising through.  Still feeling good cresting the hill on the way to Aquatic Park and then I make the turn back to head home and all the energy begins to drain away.  8 miles of great running and now 5 feeling like crap.  It wasn't lack of fuel, just lack of overall fitness and ability to respond.  I like to think if it was a race I would have pushed through, but today it just wan't there.  Trudging back home at 8-8:30 miles and the rain starts back up, ugh. Run: 1:45:24
12.75 miles and 1000 feet of climbing.

Get home, Muscle Milk immediately and nearly pass out on the couch and catch up on my 30 Rock while trying to unsuccessfully feed myself.  Appetite was not there surprisingly.  Usually I'm off to Safeway to binge on whatever (everything) looks appetizing in their prepared food section, but no go, very strange.

Great day and all in all and I have to thank Dan and Tim for getting out there with me to keep me honest.  Looking for a great Kaiser Half next weekend, and an even better Oceanside.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Late New Year's Resolution

I'm two weeks into my a late New Year's Resolution of bringing my lunch to work and its has been going well so far.  In looking at my finances, and the "extravagance" of the triathlete lifestyle (expensive equipment purchases), there were some cuts to the rest of my life that had to be made.

Most everyone could see from my Mayorships at multiple Subways around town, it was my lunch of choice.  They had some great food for a $5.00 footlong.  Two things happened in the New Year.

#1 - They discontinued their loyalty program.  Getting a free lunch for every 10-12 stops was a great motivator, but no more.
#2 - The $5.00 footlong is becoming less and less of an attractive option as they reduced the number of sandwiches they offer.

I decided to adjust my lunch from the $7.00 meal at Subway of a Sandwich, pack of apples, and drink, to making my own and try to save money and remove a little processed food.  This $35.00 a week could turn into a new wetsuit and a few pounds!

My goal was to still have the right amount of food to keep me going, but alter it to be a little healthier as I'm sure Subway hits their food with some preservatives, as well as highly processed flour and wheat in their bread.

Lunch would now consist of:
- Sandwich - Salami, turkey slices, sliced cheese, BBQ sauce - 450 calories
- Mini carrots - 70 calories
- Banana - 60 Calories
- Nuts - 80 Calories
Total - 660 Calories

This has seemed to fill me up as much as the larger portion of around 900 calories the Subway meal had, and I've been feeling better in the afternoon as well, probably from the reduced sugar intake in my Hi-C/Sprite combo out of the soda fountain.

My two week purchases for groceries is as follows.
- Bread - $4.00
- Lunch Meats - $11.00
- Carrots - $7.00
- Mango - $6.00
- Bananas - $5.00
- Nuts - $5.00
Total - $38.00
Two weeks at Subway - $70.00

I've nearly cut my food budget in half and all for about 10 minutes of prep time a day.  Not only that, I hang out in a park near my office now and don't have to drive to get food, saving gas, and I can say my life is a fraction more "Green" than it was last year.

Next step is trying to figure out how to do dinner.  My biggest obstacle with that is when I get home, there is no way I'm waiting to cook something as I'm usually about the go all Hulk from hunger anger. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Racing Budget

So, after some soul searching, and fun accounting of income and my expenses this year I have come to conclusion that I couldn't afford the new race wheels (Zipp 808's with a power meter) without putting the rest of my life in great peril.  And while my life isn't extravagant by any means, there is no way I would be happy cutting back on the few joys I have in life, so its time to sell stuff on eBay! 

I recently sold my arcade machines (out of necessity or my friends storing it would have killed me) and got some "fun" money, but now I need some serious cash so I have to up the ante, along with upping the loss of sentimental value.  Comics were a huge hobby of mine growing up.  My friends and I would go to shows as kids (not sure if I can put going to Comic Con at 24 years old in that group) and grab up everything we could.

Coincidentally Iron Man is my favorite since I was a kid.  Its going to take a lot to get me to sell my Tales of Suspense 39, or Ironman #1, but the rest are up for grabs on eBay coming soon!

Other favorites are the X-Men, Spiderman, Avengers, and Captain America.  I just unloaded the 1st appearance of Juggernaut last night, so things are rolling along great so far.  Check out the latest batch of auctions I have going below.

There are always things you can do without to get you prepared for your goals.  Comics were a big part of my life a ways back and its only fitting that they can now help me with what is important to me now!

Ironman-Tales of Suspense 57-1st Hawkeye
Action Comics 254-1st Bizarro with Superman
Origin #1-6 Wolverine's Story
X-Men #14-First appearance of the Sentinels
Secret Wars #1-12 Epic mini-series bringing all the big Marvel Universe characters together. Includes the origin of Spiderman's black suit.
Before anyone really comments, I know, I'm a huge dork, but most of us are, some just hide it better.