Monday, January 23, 2012

Injury Bug

Well, after two years of near injury free training, it finally caught up to me and over the past two months I've been trying to fix myself. A funny thing goes through most athletes' heads in ignoring the inevitable for fear of losing time and training, but if I would have listened to my coach, my body, or just common sense, I wouldn't be in as deep a situation as I got into. I wouldn't have an educational blog posting either, so lets at least stay with the positive!

After Kona I took two weeks off from really most anything except light spin classes. Another week on top of that and I started light running, just for something to do. Three weeks out, going crazy in my own head, I decided it was time to go long again. Stupid! Not only that, but I looked up the Strava segments for my routes ahead of time thinking to go crush them, not smart (Note: I think Strava is awesome, but you need to control yourself on run segments and keep with your workout goals). This attitude went on for a few weeks until a sharp pain started appearing when I'd push hard on the track. Figured I'd take a week off as this was a slight issue between Canada and Kona, and it would go away pretty easily. I'd gone over the edge already and the damage was already done. A week later I finally realized a lump had formed on the back of my heel that was probably causing the pain from the insertion of my Achilles.

Good Heel:
Bad Heel - Note bump at Achilles insertion

After a month of no running, and feeling really ornery, I was off to Presidio Sports Medicine to get checked out to make sure there wasn't anything seriously wrong with me.  I tried to self diagnose ahead of time, thinking it was bursitis in my heel, and hoping a quick shot of cortisone would be a cure-all, but unfortunately, and fortunately, my new buddy Tyler diagnosed it as tendinosis, an evil cousin of tendonitis, but more of a thickening of the achilles and luckily less painful.

Some of the causes we came up with were:
#1 Overuse - Really, three IM's in a year does that to you?
#2 Poor form - Running on tired legs leads to poor form and that puts strain on all sorts of parts that are not used to it.
#3 Heel Striking - Having changed to a short, mid-foot strike two years ago this really surprised me, but as a result of the above two, a heel strike on my left foot developed in my stride.

"Tendinosis is a diffuse thickening of the tendon without histologic evidence of inflammation caused by intertendinous degeneration. This condition is common in persons older than 35 years and may gradually develop as a result of ongoing microtrauma, aging, vascular compromise, or a combination of these factors.12 Pure tendinosis may produce no clinical symptoms or present as a painless, palpable nodule on the Achilles tendon.

The tendinosis cycle begins with an increased demand on the Achilles tendon. Factors such as vascular compromise and aging result in inadequate repair of the tendon matrix and tenocyte death.6 The cycle leads to further impairment of matrix production, causing increased predisposition to injury and microtears within the tendon.2 The cycle ultimately results in collagen degeneration, fibrosis, and calcification within the tendon. The diagnosis of tendinosis is made on physical examination when a thick unilateral or bilateral nodular cord is present. Treatment of tendinosis is the same as that for tendonitis."

Now I'm saddled with "fun" rehab exercises such as heel drops, stretching, band walking, and other pilates like hamstring strengthening movements.  Tyler said my hamstrings and glutes were weak, go figure, I'm a triathlete.

Another aspect to speed the recovery, and get rid of this lump, is "scraping" (which doesn't hurt so much as other parts of the body since there isn't much soft tissue around the heel), ultrasound, and ART (Active Release Techniques).  Going in for weekly treatments, but I've read from the above article that they think 2 a week could be better.  Not sure I have the time for that.

To keep my "run" legs going, and try to maintain at least 20 miles a week I'm utilizing the Alter-G at M2 Revolution.  This past weekend, second week back running, I managed to run pain free at 90% body weight and perform a "Yasso" workout with 3:00 800's.  Amazing how time flies when you can incorporate a detailed workout, instead of slogging through miles on a treadmill. After running, even without pain, its still a good idea to ice the heel as I do notice some inflammation.  It gets under control quickly though after 15-20 minutes of icing.

Hoping to go another week reducing the weight again to gain confidence in my heel and make sure by body performs a proper mid-foot strike.  The biggest part is making sure my stride is proper so I don't re-injure the heel or other things from favoring my left side.  There is definitely a mental block that is causing me to favor my left foot strike in anticipation of the dagger feeling I experience.  With luck, the Alter-G will help kick that thought out of my head.  Here's a video from M2 featuring another athlete from the studio recovering from knee surgery.

Starting to let myself get excited for the season now as once I'm running outside I can start setting goals.  Oceanside and Wildflower are targets of mine and I would love to improve upon last years times.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not quite so Fat and Happy Time!

Christmas and New Years have come and gone, but I have a bit to share about a new tradition my Mom sprung on me this Christmas Dinner, an oil-less turkey fryer.  This was nearly pure blasphemy when she bought it without consulting the head turkey fryer in the family, and who's primary job is cooking the bird, but since it seems it may be healthier, less expensive, and less of a hassle, we'd give it a shot.  Heck, at least I don't have to worry about my Dad "properly" disposing of the oil after I leave.

Just a quick rundown of what's involved:
Char-Broil's "The Big Easy" Infrared Turkey Fryer - $90-130

Compared to:
Masterbuilt Propane Turkey Fryer - $50-80

Peanut oil purchase - $30-40

Total Oil Frying price - $80-120

Now onto prepping the new process.

Seasoning the bird is really the same.  Mix up all the spices you want, I go with Seasoned Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chili Powder, Cayenne Pepper, and a plethora of others available.

The Big Easy cooker comes with a basket as pictured.  I just gently placed the turkey in, legs down, as opposed the legs up with an oil fryer.  Depending on where you look, people say either way, but a blog I found figured out the hard way they you make a bulls-eye on the breast with the bottom of the basket if you put the turkey in upside-down.

Now, I've had the cooker on for about 10 minutes and it is already piping hot!  I can see a jet stream in the shadow of the cooker so I guess its ready.  Dropping the bird in the cooker is not satisfying at all compared to dropping into a fryer.  No serious sizzle or roar of the oil, just a few snaps as some drippings hit the bottom of the cooker.

This is what I live for when doing this:

Timing is not as important as making sure you are reading the temperature of the bird.  Using oil, its pretty much been dead on 4 minutes per pound on the turkey, but for the infrared oil-less cooker, I read various ranges, and many people not wanting to even give an estimate.  The biggest point was to make sure the breast got to the appropriate temperature, 180 degrees.  It did take around 130 minutes to cook the 16 pound bird we had prepared.  Other people noted at most 10 minutes per pound max, so 9-10 minutes seems a fair estimate.

There was a sense of loss as I didn't have to hover over the roiling pot of oil for an hour, just leaving the Char Broil alone for nearly two hours didn't reward with the same sense of accomplishment.  The one thing to do was to put the mesh top to the Char Broil on for the last 15-20 minutes to let it brown.  Supposedly it reflects back more of the infra-red to give that last bit of sizzle to it.  The instructions warn you not to leave it on or the turkey will come out black!

And there it is!  The skin still tasted good, still no comparison to the oil fryer skin, and the meat was very juicy and delicious.  The end product was a suitable replacement for the reduction of effort involved.  Just the process, and "fun" of using the full blown fryer was missing.

An added benefit too is that you can capture the juices from the bird while it cooks, enabling you to make real gravy!

Guess the new tradition is here to stay.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Racing Budget Time!

Its that time of year again, time to clean house and earn back some of that well spent dough on old equipment.  Well, the first set of stuff was snagged from my parent's house after my Dad upgraded to Di2.  Lucky bastard.

SRAM Red Controls - Bid on ebay here!

Great condition with minimal wear and tear.

Here's the cheapest I could find online, so any lower on ebay is a steal:
SRAM RED DOUBLE TAP Shifter Lever Brake Pair 10 Speed X 2 Carbon