Monday, June 13, 2011

It won't happen to me!

Dang it, it did.  The post IM illness and slight depression.  Seem to be over it now and actually got a good weekend in after fighting feeling crappy for a week and a half and hammering out a 10k in the process (2nd overall!).  The 10k should have been a "happy" race, but that's just not me, so I crushed my body, and heart, which needed another week of rest before doing anything too crazy.  Instead it left me feeling like death and no workouts!

M2's actually giving the rout of our run, but lent itself perfect for this post.
What do I get from my coach when I finally feel good enough to train with the group?

"I TOLD YOU SO!  Didn't you read my Pre/Post IM article?"  Well, coming off a Kona spot high, I thought I was invincible and more to prove this year, so I ignored it.  Stupid me.  Fortunately its still early in the season, and a full week off probably did more good than bad.  Luckily I didn't hurt myself.  Not sure what I hate more, hearing everyone say to "take it easy" or actually admitting it, lol.

It was a very fun Sunday up in Marin running around Bon Tempe Lake.  Taking it easy, but the sun was out and it actually got warm into the 70's!  SF in the summer is one of the coldest placed you can be, but just over the bridge is so nice.  Running with our group from M2 was nice since I hadn't been around in a month and this was a new route we had planned for today.

Great 2 hours out in the sun and with some beautiful terrain.  On to Vineman 70.3 and IM Canada training now!

Rule #1 post IM, listen to your coach.  That's what you pay them for and they know more about this stuff than you do.  Don't act like the 16 year old version of yourself that thinks they can run through walls (we all would love to be that kid again, and sometimes act like it).  Find something else to distract you for two weeks at least and then come back re-energized.  Being sick is not a fun way to spend that time.

Remember recovery is the 4th part of triathlon.  Sleep, stretching and light work are the efforts to put in for nearly three weeks after an IM.  Lots of swimming, and no real intensity.  The heat in Texas did a number on my body and head, so I'll be more cautious in the future.  I think the post race dull-drums are much worse than a the pre-race TAPER.

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