Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When the voices come back

Those dang voices are back! No not the crazy ones, but the ones telling you "its alright to slow down", "you had a hard weekend, you don't have to push it today". BLAH! Listening to that little devil on your shoulder is completely different than listening to your body. My body wants to tear into some training right now, so I'll let it. That little devil on my shoulder has different ideas.

Cycling class was full of those voices trying to get me to lay off the effort. Ironman has come and gone with great success, and now its time to reach for the new goals and I'm not going to achieve them if I let the voices take control. Two weeks was enough taking it easy, and I think it was more mentally draining than my actual training was!

Santa Barbara is the next race, and training has been going well over the past two weeks. Big push this week as I want some good results and to finally crack the podium in a bigger race this year. Too many 4th places this year. Its been a huge step up from last year and I'm happy with my progress, but still frustrating.

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