Monday, January 10, 2011

Racing Budget

So, after some soul searching, and fun accounting of income and my expenses this year I have come to conclusion that I couldn't afford the new race wheels (Zipp 808's with a power meter) without putting the rest of my life in great peril.  And while my life isn't extravagant by any means, there is no way I would be happy cutting back on the few joys I have in life, so its time to sell stuff on eBay! 

I recently sold my arcade machines (out of necessity or my friends storing it would have killed me) and got some "fun" money, but now I need some serious cash so I have to up the ante, along with upping the loss of sentimental value.  Comics were a huge hobby of mine growing up.  My friends and I would go to shows as kids (not sure if I can put going to Comic Con at 24 years old in that group) and grab up everything we could.

Coincidentally Iron Man is my favorite since I was a kid.  Its going to take a lot to get me to sell my Tales of Suspense 39, or Ironman #1, but the rest are up for grabs on eBay coming soon!

Other favorites are the X-Men, Spiderman, Avengers, and Captain America.  I just unloaded the 1st appearance of Juggernaut last night, so things are rolling along great so far.  Check out the latest batch of auctions I have going below.

There are always things you can do without to get you prepared for your goals.  Comics were a big part of my life a ways back and its only fitting that they can now help me with what is important to me now!

Ironman-Tales of Suspense 57-1st Hawkeye
Action Comics 254-1st Bizarro with Superman
Origin #1-6 Wolverine's Story
X-Men #14-First appearance of the Sentinels
Secret Wars #1-12 Epic mini-series bringing all the big Marvel Universe characters together. Includes the origin of Spiderman's black suit.
Before anyone really comments, I know, I'm a huge dork, but most of us are, some just hide it better.

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