Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Personal Life" Season Almost Over

Coming out of March marks the end of a crazy time of year for me and marks the beginning of some massive blocks of training.  The year planned is both amazing and daunting.  Three bachelor parties, two weddings, volunteer events, family reunions, work responsibilities and of course a schedule stock full of races that I somehow have to get ready for.

Fortunately both my friends and loved ones are very supportive of the goals for 2011 and I am doing my best to be present both physically and mentally.  With just Tri For the Cure - AZ, and my friends Bill and Anne's wedding left before Oceanside, I'll finally have some breathing room for the smashing my coach has planned for me to get ready for the final push for IM Texas.

Its crazy the things you do to try to get your workouts in and remove some of the training anxiety that comes with both inactivity and guilt for missing a session.  Sometimes it wasn't quite the best idea, such as my hangover run through the strip.

That hurt a bit.  Instant headache.
I am a bit amazed that the body can absorb most of this punishment, and with a little rest, keep up with the training demands.  There is a limit though, and I think I have approached it and pulled back enough to keep from getting ill.  My friends are slowly coming to realize the changes in my priorities and lifestyle, and there isn't enough I can do to thank them for that.  While my former self comes out to play sometimes, he is now content to save those nights for very special occasions.  

As for my next two months, it is going to be a test both physically and mentally.  Oceanside, Wildflower and the IM Texas to top it off.  No more shirking swim practice, Aquatic Park is my friend.  With the longer days, come longer training.  Here's to crushing it for the next two months!

Below are the guys responsible for my lack of training, ha!
Kenny had to have a Vegas bachelor party

Nothing like it.

Bill's was a little more mellow watching Spring Training in Scottsdale.
Salt River Stadium


  1. Great job on balancing the personal life and the training life. It is not easy to do at all!

  2. Thanks Christi. Its been a perfect storm lately to get all my training in, but so far so good.