Monday, May 23, 2011

IM Texas Nutrition

Started this Friday night, but didn't finish so I'll post now with updated numbers.

So the nerves are starting up as Mike Reilly jumps on stage for a surprisingly fun Welcome Banquet.  Now its almost time for business and I'm getting together my transition bags and working out nutrition.  Its going to be hot and humid, so liquids are key, but I'm still going to actually eat some because I enjoy actually chewing on food instead of drinking syrup for nearly 10 hours.

Bagel with peanut butter and honey
2 Cups of coffee
Small yogurt with granola

Bike bottles
2 Perpetuem - 270 cal each - 540 cal total
5 Bottles Powerade/Powerbar Perform  - 140 cal each - 700 cal total
1 Powerbars - 230 cal each - 230 cal total

2 Gu's - 100 cal each - 200 cal total
Total calories - 1670

Who knows what I put in myself at this point, but I tried to force feed myself running through each aid station, but it would look close to this if I got all of them at 1 aid station per mile.
26 x drinks of Perform - 800
26 x cups of water, split between drinking and dumping on top of me
13 x cups of ice down the shorts, the best feeling of the day
26 x cups of coke - 800
Total estimate - 1600

Complete Race Estimate: 3270 calories

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