Monday, July 12, 2010

TI and Packing

I just couldn't resist one last race before heading out to Switzerland and it was a great one. Many people hack on SF Treasure Island Triathlon because of the six looped bike course, but I love it as you get a great chance to put some serious intensity in.

The swim felt fast, but was slowed a little by currents. I'm not just saying that to make myself feel better, but a few guys I have raced against this year had approximately 2 minutes added to their normal time so its legit. I got out of the water 2nd in my Age Group, so great improvements there! T1, different story as I lost any advantage, taking 2 minutes to everyone else's 1. I never know what I'm doing and should actually practice doing a T1, or at least strategize.

The bike is just a hammerfest that seems like a Formula 1 course. Max effor with 90 degree turns and tons of lap traffic. Hopefully people weren't too pissed with the constant "ON YOUR LEFT" screams. Nearly 23 mph average with a slow lap to begin and end, but i'll take it. Was hoping for a little more.

T2, fast. Thought of ways to take a few seconds off, but I was on par with everyone else. Out on the three lap out and backs. Flat run and crusing. Three guys in front of me so I had to chase. 1st and second were keeping their distance on me, but 3rd was reeling in. Pressing halfway through the second lap though and it felt like someone punched me in the stomach! Never had a cramp in a race before and I nearly paniced. The only thing to do is slow down. It took a quarter mile, but it subsided and I was back to my chase, hoping I had enough real estate to get 3rd. On my way out the last lap I took the minute the 3rd place guy had and brought it to 30 seconds, time to charge home the last mile. Unfortunately he has some kick to and the final stretch saw us race in with the same margin.

Great race and I learned a lot. I was using my Ironman nutrition for this race and I think I had a bit too many calories in my stomach for the intensity of that run. I have my IM breaking point now at least. 4th AG and 13th overall for a very competitive race isn't bad either. Feeling good about Zurich and my goals.

Now its time to pack up the bike and everything else. Packing has been difficult and I keep looking back at what seems an enternity ago when my group started this whole experience. At the same time it also feels like yesterday it all started too. Soo many training sessions of fun and pain leaves the last six months a blur. I'm trying to make sure I don't get too excited yet. Three flights is going to be a long trip.

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