Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Final preparation - 4th of July Weekend

With just over two weeks until my big race in Switzerland I had the joy of hearing all about my training partners experiences at Ironman CDA and dive into my last training weekend. Its funny that it took me until now to integrate a fun weekend with my non-tri friends, but I guess that's how it goes. I've missed out on a few events like this because of training, so it was time break a few rules and figure it out.

A group of us were heading up to a friend's house in Sonoma along the Russian River about 85 miles north. I dropped of a bag for someone to take up for me, and I was getting my training this weekend by riding to and from Sonoma. Highway 1 North from San Francisco is always amazing, but this time I was heading into uncharted territory and it was great. Tamales and Bodega Bay are great spots that I have to get back to while I'm not hammering away in aero, trying to hide from a blasting head-wind. Total ride 105 after adding a few twists to the route.

Arriving at my friend's place I was excited because a few friends had not seen me in a few years. My buddy Paul was stunned at how much weight I had cut, while this has gotten a little old from other people, it meant a good deal from him as he is nearly a body builder and one of the more health conscience people I know. The others from the house were heading off wine tasting, but all I could think about was the BBQ at the Monte Rio Fire Station I rode by then soaking in the river. Fireworks to cap it off, great day!

Sunday was filled with a 15 mile fast run and kayaking up and down the river. Great run at 7:15 pace, and who knew kayaking was such a workout!? Arms were about to fall off after two and a half hours. I hope that substitutes for a swim? Back to the house to chill and cook up some pork tenderloin for dinner and watch Hot Tub Time Machine. Not at all a "good" movie, but freaking hillarious.

Finally realize that I get up earlier on the weekends than I do for work. Not sure how that happens, especially when you add a few drinks into the mix. Monday was my ride home on a slightly shorter route, but whouldn't you know it, the wind shifted and is coming from the south now. I get to ride into a nice 20 mph heading 80 miles home. Perfect!

It was worth it for the weekend I would have missed if I stayed to plan on my training. A little flexibility goes a long way to helping your mental state. Its been a long journey and these friends I don't get to see very often always put a smile on my face. Thanks.

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