Monday, November 8, 2010

Changing Priorities

There have been a few things over the past year that I have finally let go of. With the increase of speed and passion for racing, some items I've been holding onto for too long need to be jettisoned, and hopefully pay for some of the things I need at the same time!

I've already sold my "Ironman Ivan Stewart - Offroad" arcade game. Little ironic wouldn't you think?  It was a party favorite since you go against three of your friends, flinging the wheel and pounding on the Turbo buttons for a crazy win.  That was a sad day, but its going to make a pot head in Grass Valley very happy. Upon opening his garage when I delivered it with my buddy, we were hit with a wall of some really good smelling stuff, and a "Dude, that thing is awesome!"
The next thing on the list is my Nintendo Wii. This actually helped me lose some weight in the early stages with the Wii Fit as my nightly 30-60 minute workout after dinner. And while it caused some uproar when it first came out, the Wii telling me "Brett is fat" over and over, kept me motivated. The first time it said "Brett is normal" was one of the greatest days as well! Hopefully it finds its way to a new home where it can bring some fun to kids.

You can find it on Ebay here

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