Friday, December 3, 2010

What's your prediction for the North Face 50k?

A great group of friends and I are heading out to the Headlands for hours of "fun" in the hills.  I made the futile mistake of checking the weather this morning and this was the first thought that came to mind as a result.

While the weather people in the Bay Area either have one of the most difficult jobs in the US, or are just not that good at the coastal weather, I'm not too thrilled that the rain decided to hold off until right at the start of the race tomorrow.

As long as there isn't an absolute downpour I'll be happy.  Just think of the extra training I'll get when the extra few pounds of mud clings to my shoes! 

Oh boy, tomorrow's going to be interesting.  Here's the hourly report for anyone interested.  30 mile mud run here we come!

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