Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mt Tam Group Ride

Finally we get a break in the weather and it was a glorious day of riding! My Ironman group was off to conquer Mt. Tam today, with some other adventures along the way. Starting off from just north of Mill Valley, it was not a long ride today, but we were in for some big hills.

Heading to the coast on Highway 1 is always fun, but a bit sticky at a few points. It is the main artery to get to a few tourist spots, but luckily we left early enough to avoid much of the traffic. We rode by the UC Berkeley tri team who were just all too happy to be riding, a bit chatty too which is a great sign. Top of the first hill and down we go on one of my favorite descents. Nice bends that aren't too sharp that allow you to lean into it without breaking. Felt great! One more hill and then the coastal ride into Stinson Beach that is just a beautiful ride.

A quick regroup and up to Bolinas in near Time Trial pace. I led a pack along the flat bendy road along the lagoon to Bolinas and we were flying. I took the full pull since the group doesn't ride quite as fast as I do, and to get the workout I needed for the day, any draft wasn't going to cut it. Finally through the flats, a steep grade and our turn to Bolinas. After some back road and a "bonus" detour from our coach, we run into this:

Bolinas is known for cutting down road signs to make sure people can't find them, but this is getting a bit absurd.

After our mini-cyclocross, we raced back south to Panoramic and our massive hour climb of Mt. Tam. I felt pretty good about an hour climb leading up to this, but the day before my Dad had to one up me with a three hour climb up Mt. Lemmon in Arizona with five feet of snow on each side of the road, show-off.

Grinding up the hill, our coach said it is a test to give the strength and confidence that your legs will be with you throughout any ride or race. I hope so. My legs were responding to the hill better than I had imagined after my race yesterday. Getting to the top of Tam was definitely a test. Keeping cadence and effort for such an extended time after softening up your legs with some intervals was a daunting task. Cresting the peak was the amazing reward!

Cycling can take you to some amazing places, this is one of them.

Training week of March 8-14
Monday - 5 minute warmup, 20 minute lift, 15 minute Vasa Trainer, 90 minute M2 Spin
Tuesday - Track, 2 mile warmup, 6x200 @ 38 sec 200 jog, 2 mile @ 6:40 pace, 6x200 @ 38 sec 200 jog
Wednesday - 60 minute M2 Spin, 10 minute brick, 20 minute lift, 15 minute Vasa Trainer
Thursday - 50 min swim, 8.5 mile run
Friday - Off?
Saturday - Angel Island 25k, 1:43:10, 3rd overall, 2nd male
Sunday - Ride - Climb Mt Tam

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