Friday, March 5, 2010

The good and bad

Training is getting easier and harder at the same time. Recovery from hard workouts is much faster than in previous weeks, but stamina at higher exertions does not last very long. Any time I exceeded my threshold, there was a very adverse reaction to it. I'm hoping it is just a result of missing my day off this week combined with some serious racing/training over the weekend along with a long day trip to LA for work. The Sequoia Trail run didn't hurt like Kaiser did, but I think it exhausted the legs a little more than I realized. Great race with a 2nd place AG. Sort of felt like Glengary moment where 1st place got a medal, 2nd place got a ribbon.

My weight is still floating around 200 lbs, so I'm still looking for it to start falling off me again in the near future. Next week I'll start noting my diet to make sure there is nothing suspect going on.

Week of March 1st
Monday - 10 min run, 20 minute weights, 20 min Vasa, 90 minute M2 Cycling class
Tuesday - Track, 2 mile warmup, 5x1600@5:50 with 200 rest, mile cool-down
Wednesday - 20 minute weights, 20 minute Vasa Trainer, 60 minute M2 Cycling class, 10 minute brick
Thursday - 45 min swim, 8 mile run
Friday - Off
Saturday - Long Ride (60-70 miles)
Sunday - Aquatic Park swim, Long Run (15 miles)

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